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Secure Data Destruction

Barely a day goes by without the media reporting on data recovered from supposedly ‘recycled’ or erased hard drives. Ensuring that data is completely erased from a computer’s hard drive is a paramount concern when disposing of computer equipment.

That’s why our services include on-site data destruction, with a specialist piece of equipment known as a ‘degausser’, which exceeds government NCSC standards (formally CESG). The process is so powerful that it destroys the working disk and motor. The degausser will also destroy data from server drives, hard drives, laptop drives and will also wipe the data from many other types of media including back up tapes. After completion the process will make any hard drive or tape impossible to re use.

The use of a Datagauss has the facilities of onboard asset and tracking of each drive which can be printed out on site. Watch how it is done! The advantage of this service is your data is erased ON SITE. This will exceed most companies liability in safe destruction of important information such as credit card information, addresses and bank details. All waste is then removed by us and then certified on site of the safe destruction. Coast2coast Computers have accreditation with BS EN 15713:2009 Secure Destruction of Confidential Material.

We can also offer a data wiping service. Due to the precise nature of data erasing, the process takes time. In non-computer jargon, the aim is to rewrite the data to make it physically impossible to retrieve any information that was previously stored on the disk. You may have already formatted your computer. Perhaps you went the extra mile and verified that certain files were deleted. These files, however, leave physical imprints or shadows on your hard disk, and skilled computer hackers can access your confidential information—even after it has been “deleted”.

Specialist software removes all impressions that would compromise your information, all with absolutely no damage to your hard drive. A Permanent hard drive eraser protects your information by ensuring that it’s is gone.
The only data erasing method used by us complies by the US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE 5220.22-M DISK SANITISING STANDARD. The hard drive data can be overwritten up to 12 times with different characters making the data impossible to retrieve.

We are happy to demonstrate our data erasing service at our customers’ site if required. Any defective drive that is unable to be wiped, will be subject to be treated with a degausser.

Safe computer disposal

When it comes toᅠ computer disposals, Coast2Coast Computers are happy to accommodate the individual needs of each and every client.

Disposing of redundant computer equipment is a very important part of our business and to legally transport and recycle this WEEE waste you must be licensed by the Environment Agency. Our Licence as a Waste Carrier, Broker and Dealer is CBDL206314. Coast2coast Computers are licensed and are audited by the EA to confirm we comply to our licences


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